Das innovative Maßmöbel-System

The knelldesign Furniture System


  • knelldesign's focus is on free forms and dynamically designed furniture and rooms
  • Not being bound by right angles, we can create bent, flowing and amorphous forms
  • This allows interior decoration to follow the dynamics of modern building shells
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Innovative furniture construction

For interior designers and planners, the knelldesign furniture system is an innovative means for realising their ideas – because of its open structure it offers almost unlimited freedom of design. The system may be adjusted to any room situation and can be extended or shortened any time. Shelves, cabinets, glass cabinets, office or shop furniture – the system always makes for individual pieces of furniture or room structures, perfectly made to measure and yet flexible.

New technology

The use of the new screw fitting, patent pending, has been improved significantly, for efficient mounting with Torx® TX15 screws. Now, the maximum cutting angle for compound mitre cuts is 15° which allows even greater deformation.


Our CAD component catalogue allows absolute planning freedom as regards angles. In addition, we provide a CAD catalogue with preformed furniture. We also offer planning services for specific projects


All connections are realised with the same type of profile and screw fitting. The blind connection can be reached from the front side at any time. Thanks to the board's front edge covering, additional covering is not necessary. Splitting or distortion of boards is prevented because any stress is absorbed by the aluminium profiles. Boards and other components can be replaced, if necessary, and all materials can be separated for recycling.


It uses special aluminium profiles, in lengths of 200.5 mm, 300.5 mm, 400.5 mm and 500.5 mm, steel fittings and timber products or other solid boards with thicknesses of 18.5 to 20 mm.


The list of accessories includes bases, sleeves, rubber discs, ceiling fixtures, rollers, steel rope tensioners and caps. We also have available profile covers in various designs, doors and backs.